Diverless cars are here!……But do you want one?



Picture this …you’re standing next to your very own and may i add very sexy, lamborghini(or any other car for that matter).you unlock the beauty, get in the front seat (the oh so awesome leather seat) ,turn on the ignition,set the suspension and all the other fancy controls put you’re foot down and you’re off…Steering yourself along with the car ,aware of all its needs,gear change , allignment ,brakes ,the speed and oh!the speed.Every maneuvered turn was your personal achievement!you and your car..truly at one with each other!

Now picture this..its the same car,the same sexy car,the same awesome leather seats and the same controls.but its off and you did’nt even touch the gas pedal!the car turns and stops and speeds away while you just sitback and stare   at something.It doesnt sound bad ,true.Even dancing alone doesnt sound all that bad,but WHERE’S THE FUN??

Autonomous cars or the driverless cars are here.they’ll come to the market gradually..technology by technology . But they will come.And honestly the idea is just genius!How a piece of machinery can run itself ,keep in a straight line,turn.stop at red lights and crossings,differentiate between an old lady and a piece of wood is just mind boggling.If you told your grandma this she’ll probably think you’ve lost more than just your weight.(she’ll still be appreciative of your fairytale though cause thats what grandmas do )

The technology is pretty much the blow-your-mind type.for more check this out


And whats more they dont look bad either!they can look from this-

To this-

To someday, possibly this-

And it all sounds good ,fewer accidents,no chaos.You’ll probably reach home in half the time and at half the risk and half the fuel !But..there always is a but..whatever will happen to the joy of driving.going for a drive wont be the same will it?It will be like sitting in a smaller,slower,and if you’re lucky, better looking plane.You can enjoy the speed and the screens and the world outside,but you’ll never know how it felt when the car depended on you and not the other way round.

You feel the speed but not the thrill of knowing that its your foot hard on that pedal that’s making your car purr.Will it really matter then what car you have?Supercars,hybrids will all be reduced to good looks.How does it matter whether you have manual ,automatic or flappy pedal gears when you dont even get to change them!You couldn’t possibly care less how long your car takes to go from 60 mph to a standstill and vice-versa if the car is going to brake and accelerate itself.Buying cars sure would be easy..you just ask for a sexy one !(sure you’d take care of the sensors and all but lets stick to the point here)How smoothly you steer, How quick your car responds ,suspensions,tractions all that gibberish will become just that…gibberish

No more going for a drive to calm yorself down,or just escape this  shitty world,cause chances are ..if you are sitting alone that idle when the car is moving itself ,you’ll probablly end up more suicidal then you already were!No more drifts ,near escapes,rash and real fun(i mean dangerous :p) driving because what could you possibly say to the car to do that!

It’ll be simpler,and of much help to some.Lives will be saved and that is always a good thing..You just loose your only possible chance of feeling anything close to an f1 racer..which you do trust me everyday in your car..its all in the mind

.So,these cars are sneaking up on us whether or not we like it ..the question is do you really want one?


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