Things you see while driving



Guys with peripheral visions

So they think they’re the only ones who have been blessed with the gift of seeing out of the corner of their eye. See them at roundabouts, turns, cutting lanes, hogging parking spots and pretty much everywhere. You want to go first, I get it! Don’t pretend like you don’t care my car is too close. Cause it is. Also I already saw your eye ball roll right to the corner and I know that you know hat I hit the brakes.




See them flying across roads, stop signs, red lights, dividers or (on a good day) even air. Little do the suspect that we I’m not wooed by their ninja-ing. I just hit the brakes so I don’t run one over or have to explain a car wreck back home.



Good guy old people

Awesome to encounter on crossings, sucks to be stuck behind one. They always stop and let you go. God bless them!



Bad ‘ASS’ / Honkers

And spread evenly throughout the world roads are the “bad ass” drivers. The ones with the questionably modified cars, taxi drivers, and things like “dad’s gift” or “I love f1” on their rides. Overtakes my car and hits the brakes in my cars face!  Flies right past at a 1234 kmph, stops at a red light 200 m away! Zigzags his way through a jam honks at a truck to give way! Genius.




Bad asses who’ve earned it!

Then God said let there be awesome cars! The ones that make sounds that make you rott weiler-ish. Brace myself a sports car is coming. You can overtake, speed, kill all you like because you my friend have an awesome car. Like a boss!


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  1. Love this post, I feel the same way on people nowadays on the roads! Nicely worded too. Have written a few posts on the problems of drivers on my blog and am rather happy to see someone else who thinks the same way!

  2. There is also that lot that drive aggressively when the roads are slick. They follow too close, slide through intersections, fish-tail on the interstate doing 70 mph and never thinking to slow down.

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