Things that make me sad (not what you expect)


1.  Somethings wrong with my cheese

sadness level : 100

Be it the not-so-generous amounts on my pizza, the wrong seasoning with my homemade one or a tear in the slice.

2.  Some favorite song goes on just when I’ve parked

sadness level: 200

every single time! the whole journey i torture my ears and as soon as i park …..

3. Donut is dry

sadness level: too high

enough said?

4. Left the light on

sadness level:9000

Winter night.  finally in my bed. get all warm and toasty. Peaceful sleep, i’m on my way….. and i forgot to turn off the lights.(i’ll burst into tears the next time)

5. Got homework. no music

sadness level: high enough to post-pone doing it.

6. Battery low

sadness level: not known to man

Its like slow torture ,watching the phone die (heavens throw me a charger please)

7. You must be a member to download the bla bla

sadness level : high

why do they appear in the free download result page in the first place if they don’t want us there. yes i’m sad but no, i will not login or complete a survey!

8. Brought a new a bar of soap. didn’t get it in the shower

sadness level:900

it’s lying somewhere unwrapped and smelling good while i scrub myself with scraps.


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  1. When the phone battery is low, I start weighing my options. Do I turn off to conserve energy? What if I need it? Will the shut down/turn on process use more energy than if I had just left it on?

    These are the things our schools should be teaching us.

  2. I found your blog in the first Community Pool posting. I write a “random” topic blog as well and had to laugh as we chose the same design! The first cat picture caught my attention. I love cats and that is a really sad face. Good luck with your blog … I’ll check back in again.

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