A large white space. I enter and there’s an endless collection of books. All pre-arranged AND re-arrangeable. According to genres, dates, authors, hell there’s even a stack of your favorites. What’s more? The seating is an awesome true sci-fi movie type adjustable one. Choose your environment!  Bedroom setting ? Garden ? Couch? Bathroom setting? My library has got it all.

Sounds cool. Doesn’t it?

The best part : it’s on my desktop!

For all those of us who have got to work in a budget, have little access to a library (it’s possible) and a huge reading bug, e-books are like god-sends. It’s incredibly convenient taking my ipad/desktop full of books and carrying it everywhere. Its comforting to know that no matter what level of boredom I reach, I’m a click away from my precious half read (and bookmarked) novel. I’ve been carrying so many of them but not once has my bag felt heavy. You just need a decent site for download.

There’s no end to the number of books you can read online. Buying them all is not the best option for everybody. Its as convenient as can be!

And yet, those old classics and the lesser knowns are found in libraries alone. The feeling I get when I buy a book! The smell of paper  and the shuffling of pages. The effort I put in not to fold the spine and falling asleep with the book on me. No kindle will bring that.

Despite the cool library, I take pride in the little collection of books I have, neatly piled on the side table. The bookstore is my personal Vegas! What girls feel in malls I feel in my city’s book store. And no matter the amount of love I have for my ipad, My personal library! That’s the dream.

We 90’s people will never give up on paper will we?

ebooks vs printed books


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