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Hair below her waist, a pair of eyes prettier than i’ll ever admit. Cotton ball cheeks that go red with the quickest pull or the slightest temperature rise. She always looks like shes stuffed 2 little cupcakes in her mouth. Brows that furrow quite often in a day and a thin line for lips. The rest shes just like me, just a 4 years younger. We look like we belong to the same family, she just seems better fed.. if you know what i mean.

I never gave her credit for anything. and I’ve done all the conventional elder sibling stuff. When she was young, very young, I told her she was picked up from a nursing home. And she was surprisingly calm for her age. Until  i showed her “photographic proof”. Then she started slamming albums, cursing (innocently) at me. Her eyes become angry when she’s mad. And she’s mad when shes worried. She always buys my lies. Anger usually leads to tattle taling to mom. But she wouldn’t smirk, instead she starts crying out loud. I found out very recently that she did that because even  though she wanted to know shes not picked up from some baby store she didn’t want me to suffer much.

Over the years she’s been my biggest enemy. When i started teenage-lies, she was the third parent I had to deal with. Sure we played together. She would be the servant while i was the princess , she was Ron and i was always Harry. Her brows clearly showed she wasn’t pleased but she didn’t mind as long as we were playing.  If I won she would throw the game and storm out. But she’d come back, very soon.

And its not even because she needed my company. If I snuck in on her I found her dressing up with whatever assortment she could find out of me and my mothers wardrobe. She’d play with her barbie, arrange little tea parties, make wealth out of waste, keep tapping keys irritatingly on the keyboard and make some annoying discovery.

Just normal kid stuff I guess and I found out she had grown up a little too late. I’d made a card for my friend and  her boyfriend and left it home! Instead of worrying about getting caught I decided I’d tell her some stupid story and get her to hide it. She did and i told her it was just a prank. I came home and she gave me an incredulous look, ” you think I’m that stupid do you?”. and started laughing like the LOL meme.

Cut to scene 2

I was telling her some story about my class of cursing and swearing guys. I said”  You won’t get the details, you don’t know that stuff.”
“Try me”, she said innocently.

I smirked and thought I’d go slow, just the basics.

“You know whats gay?”, I asked. “Yes, duh!”, she said and I gaped at her.really ? My stupid little tattle tale  sister knew this! I tested a few other topics and she seemed well aware. Too aware!  I asked her if she knew any curses and it almost gave me a stroke to see the ones she offered.

But I had  found a new friend I knew it. She looks out for me when im out late. Calms things down when I’m about to get it from mom dad. Eats the food i leave on my plate in exchange for food parcels (donuts mostly). She photoshops,she dances, she writes and she has ambitions more than me. She’s inventive, she’s bad temepered, she blares more than anyone in my house. She starts crying when shes tensed, she cannot eat a night before the exam. She goes mad when somethings wrong, she talks beyond reason. She’s dumb, she’s fun, she sends memes when I’m low. She’s hardly the best but good to have anyway


Things that make me sad (not what you expect)


1.  Somethings wrong with my cheese

sadness level : 100

Be it the not-so-generous amounts on my pizza, the wrong seasoning with my homemade one or a tear in the slice.

2.  Some favorite song goes on just when I’ve parked

sadness level: 200

every single time! the whole journey i torture my ears and as soon as i park …..

3. Donut is dry

sadness level: too high

enough said?

4. Left the light on

sadness level:9000

Winter night.  finally in my bed. get all warm and toasty. Peaceful sleep, i’m on my way….. and i forgot to turn off the lights.(i’ll burst into tears the next time)

5. Got homework. no music

sadness level: high enough to post-pone doing it.

6. Battery low

sadness level: not known to man

Its like slow torture ,watching the phone die (heavens throw me a charger please)

7. You must be a member to download the bla bla

sadness level : high

why do they appear in the free download result page in the first place if they don’t want us there. yes i’m sad but no, i will not login or complete a survey!

8. Brought a new a bar of soap. didn’t get it in the shower

sadness level:900

it’s lying somewhere unwrapped and smelling good while i scrub myself with scraps.


A large white space. I enter and there’s an endless collection of books. All pre-arranged AND re-arrangeable. According to genres, dates, authors, hell there’s even a stack of your favorites. What’s more? The seating is an awesome true sci-fi movie type adjustable one. Choose your environment!  Bedroom setting ? Garden ? Couch? Bathroom setting? My library has got it all.

Sounds cool. Doesn’t it?

The best part : it’s on my desktop!

For all those of us who have got to work in a budget, have little access to a library (it’s possible) and a huge reading bug, e-books are like god-sends. It’s incredibly convenient taking my ipad/desktop full of books and carrying it everywhere. Its comforting to know that no matter what level of boredom I reach, I’m a click away from my precious half read (and bookmarked) novel. I’ve been carrying so many of them but not once has my bag felt heavy. You just need a decent site for download.

There’s no end to the number of books you can read online. Buying them all is not the best option for everybody. Its as convenient as can be!

And yet, those old classics and the lesser knowns are found in libraries alone. The feeling I get when I buy a book! The smell of paper  and the shuffling of pages. The effort I put in not to fold the spine and falling asleep with the book on me. No kindle will bring that.

Despite the cool library, I take pride in the little collection of books I have, neatly piled on the side table. The bookstore is my personal Vegas! What girls feel in malls I feel in my city’s book store. And no matter the amount of love I have for my ipad, My personal library! That’s the dream.

We 90’s people will never give up on paper will we?

ebooks vs printed books